Media coverage @ COP11

I. Side events on MPAs coverage
Title: Solving the puzzle: social and cultural dimensions of marine and coastal protected areas
Organizers: ICSF, WFFP, NFF

Marine Protected Areas should not evict traditional fishing communities

COP 11: Marine protected areas: Why local communities matter?

II. Side event on traditional knowledge coverage
Title: “Traditional Knowledge and Area-Based management measures in marine and coastal ecosystems”
Organizers: International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, ICCA Consortium and United Nations University (UNU)

Webcast by CBD

Coverage by ENB

III. Side event on gender and biodiversity coverage
Organizers: FES, Dakshin and ICSF

Need for gender plan of action’

IV. Coverage of Press conference on MPAs
Organizers: ICSF, WFFP and NFF

Fisher orgns stress on central focus on governance

V. Coverage of other press conferences in which ICSF was represented

Organizers: CBD Alliance
‘Let’s go beyond Hyderabad blues’

Activists now look beyond CoP

Organizers: Indian NGOs
India Ignoring Coastal Biodiversity – NGOs (Spanish)

Govt ignoring marine biodiversity: Activists

Developmental projects serious threat to marine, coastal regions;ref=wl_home

Concern over coastal, marine conservation;test=1

Marine and coastal biodiversity under serious threat from projects

Activists demand action on fading coastal biodiversity at (COP) 11 in Hyderabad

'Need moratorium on mega projects, processes'

Coastal Development: Halt development along coast: NGOs\-coast-NGOs-.html

VI. Other coverage

MPAs India
Power plant shock to fish bowl of India

Traditional knowledge of fisher people may be included in the process of identifying marine biodiversity hot spots

Civil society assails impact of coal mining and coal power plants on biodiversity

VII. Other coverage fisheries issues

Protect marine, coastal natural resources: Forum (NFF)

7 coastal sites in AP endangered

VIII. ICSF/ WFFP articles in ECO, the newsletter of the CBD Alliance

One step forward, two steps back? EBSA process in marine and coastal areas (ECO 1)

Solving the Puzzle: Social and cultural dimensions of MPAs in South Africa (ECO 4)

Knato Whaling, Bona Beding, Lamafa from Lamalera, Indonesia (ECO 6)

Small-scale fisheries, biodiversity and food sovereignty (ECO 7)

No Fishing communities= No fish, no biodiversity (ECO 9)


Fishermen seek sustainable oceans at COP11

Other press coverage

Local involvment essential

Women Power

Civil society assails impact of coal mining and coal power plants on biodiversity

COP 11 Biodiversity: India’s marine and coastal biodiversity under serious threat from developmental projects