Tenth Conference of Parties (COP10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


New Goals from Nagoya: Report of CBD COP10
(SAMUDRA Report 57, November 2010)
The Tenth Meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP10) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at Nagoya, Japan, made some progress

Decisions from COP10


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Getting it right: Incorporating Social Aspects into MPA planning and implementation
This brochure summarizes a series of case studies done in nine countries--Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania and Thailand--on the role of communities in the planning and implementation of marine protected areas (MPAs)

The studies demonstrate that communities can be powerful allies in efforts for conservation and management of coastal and marine resources. They also underline the need for systematic attention, capacity building, funding and other resources for effective implementation of Programme Element 2 on governance, participation, equity and benefit sharing of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Marine Protected Areas: The Hidden Social Dimensions
This CD-ROM contains a selection of documents from ICSF in English, French and Spanish.

ICSF-WFFP Side-event

Getting it right: Incorporating Social Aspects into MPA planning and implementation

Venue: Room 234A-Building 2-3rd Floor
Date: 21 October 2010
Time: 16:30-18:00 hrs

Across the world communities have demonstrated that they can conserve and manage coastal and marine resources, drawing on traditional and local knowledge systems and the strength of their social institutions.

What does it take for such initiatives that benefit both biodiversity conservation and social wellbeing to be recognized and supported? What can be done to address the flaws inherent in top-down, target-driven, non-inclusive processes? What are the links between the social impacts of marine protected areas (MPAs) and the sustainability and protection of marine and coastal biodiversity?

Join us for a discussion on these critical issues.

Chair: Naseegh Jaffer, World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP), South Africa

Lead Presentations

Overview Presentation
Chandrika Sharma, ICSF

Indigenous Communities and MPAs
Jorge Luis Andrere Diaz, Panama

Marine Extractive Reserves: Creating a "New Commons"
Antonio Carlos Diegues, Brazill

Community-led Conservation Initiatives in Thailand
Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk, Thailand

Co-managed Marine Protected Areas in Galicia, Spain
Antonio Garcia Allut, Spain

Social Dimensions of MPAs in Honduras
Jorge Varela, Honduras


Fishing Communities and Conservation : Marine Extractive Reserve in Brazil Marine Protected Areas in India Marine Protected Areas in Mexico : Social Dimensions, Legal and Institutional Frameworks
Marine Protected Areas and Small-scale Fishing Communities in South Africa Co-managed Marine Protected Areas: The case of Os MiƱarzos in Galicia, Spain Time for a Sea Change : Case study of Had Chao Mai Marine National Park

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