• The Right to Survive: Turtle Conservation and Fisheries Livelihoods En,Fr
    This film looks at turtle conservation efforts along the coast of the Indian State of Orissa and examines, in parallel, the situation of artisanal fishworkers in turtle conservation areas. By taking an intense look at the concerns revolving around turtle conservation and the protection of the livelihoods of traditional fishing communities, this film offers some insights into the dilemmas facing the various stakeholders, and attempts to provide a solution for this conflict
  • Under the Sun: The Transient Fisherfolk of Jambudwip
    This film deals with the issues involved in the stake-net fishery of Jambudwip, West Bengal, India. It traces the genesis of the standoff between the fishworkers and the government, and analyzes the processes that led to the government action against the traditional fishworkers. It also documents the response of the fishworkers, and the actions taken by the National Fishworkers' Forum to help them regain their rights to the fishery
  • Towards Pro People and Pro Environment Conservation
    This video brings out the problems of a top-down approach to national park management. It draws on the example of the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, where fishworkers have been denied their rightful access to marine and coastal resources and their habitations. This top-down model, heavily biased towards conservation, has also not helped to check the degradation and destruction of marine and coastal resources. The video highlights the need for participatory and consultative processes: pro-people and pro-environment conservation. The 14-minute video is in Bahasa Indonesia, with English subtitles
  • The Locally-managed Marine Area Network: Lessons Learned
    The Locally-managed Marine Area (LMMA) Network has been working on community-based marine management projects throughout the Asia Pacific Region. This video highlights some of the lessons learned from communities and practitioners working in Asia and the Pacific
  • High Hopes, Low Tides
    This film show the threats to the marine resources of eastern African, with a focus on the Kiunga Marine National Reserve area and its environs
  • Nature's Investment Bank: The Role of Marine Protected Areas in Reducing Poverty
    Marine protected areas can be effective poverty reductions tools. In this documentary, local people living in and around three marine protected areas tell in their own words how marine protected areas have improved their wellbeing and reduced poverty. The documentary is a companion to a quantitative and qualitative analysis of more than 1,000 interviews in four countries that shows how specific marine protected areas have reduced local poverty.
  • Marine Protected Areas for Responsible Fishing in Costa Rica