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India-Pakistan judicial panel recommends repatriation of fishermen January 28, 2012   |  Source: Express News Service  | Copyright: 2012 The Indian Express Limited

The India-Pakistan Judicial Committee on prisoners that visited Indian jails over the past three days has recommended that fishermen who inadvertently cross the maritime boundary should be repatriated by sea lanes along with their boats. Endorsing the ...

NGOs put pressure on Danish Fisheries Minister to counter 'quota-casino' by Mads C. Barbesgaard (translated from the original Danish version) January 16, 2012   |  Source: Modkraft

The Danish model encompassing tradable fishing quotas could lead to the degradation of Europe’s marine environment. Fishermen and a number of civil-society organizations are now putting pressure on the Danish Fisheries Minister, Mette Gjerskov, to halt ...

Capture fisheries and aquaculture worldwide to reach 137.8 mn tons by 2015, according to new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. January 16, 2012   |  Source: PRWeb  | Copyright: 2012 Hearst Communications Inc.

Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announces the release of a comprehensive global outlook on the Commercial Fishing Industry. Driven by the growing perception of seafood as an extremely healthy diet featuring less fat, cholesterol and high protein content, c...

Cook Islands fishing company fears Taiwan deal January 04, 2012   |  Source: ABC  | Copyright: ABC

A Cook Islands fishing company has called on Greenpeace to help them fight for survival, after Cook Islands government issued fishing licenses to 17 foreign vessels. The Taiwanese fishing boats will target tuna and swordfish over the next 3 years. But ...

UK MPA fishing coalition “take stock” January 04, 2012   |  Source: fishnewseu.com  | Copyright: 2010 The Scottish White Fish Producers' Association

With two years of existence under their belt, MPAC, the alliance of fishing organisations formed to defend access to fishing grounds during the establishment of a network of marine protected areas in UK waters, have assessed their progress so far. MPA...

Canadian importer using DNA testing to fight ‘rampant’ seafood labelling fraud by Randy Shore January 02, 2012   |  Source: The Vancouver Sun  | Copyright: 2008 - 2011 Postmedia Network Inc.

Cheaper DNA testing technology is making it easier than ever for regulators and seafood firms in Canada to crack down on seafood mislabelling. Recent research has found that 25 to 41 per cent of the fish sold at retail and by restaurants is not actuall...

Brazil workshop on FAO voluntary guidelines for small-scale fisheries brings together 55 stakeholders from 19 States January 02, 2012   |  Source: ICSF  | Copyright: 2012 ICSF

Support for artisanal fisheries in Brazil needs to be put into practice, and support provided for fishing families who make their living from fisheries and aquaculture in the coastal regions and inland fisheries of the country, where 800,000 people are d...



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