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At COP11, focus on traditional knowledge and area-based management measures in marine and coastal ecosystems October 15,2012   |  Source: IISD

At a Side Event at the ongoing 11th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)on 15 October 2012 at Hyderabad, India, organized by the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF), the United Nations University and the ICCA Consortium, the spotlight was turned to issues concerning traditional knowledge and area-based management measures in marine and coastal ecosystems.

Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend, ICCA Consortium, reported on the creation of the first community conserved area for coastal ecosystems in Senegal. She outlined the traditional governance institutions and management zoning, including no-take zones corresponding to sacred sites. On ways forward, she highlighted how best practices are being shared with neighboring communities.

Robert Panipilla, Researcher, India, discussed the contribution of traditional knowledge to scientific understanding of reefs and coastlines, including fish population dynamics, food chains, and the mapping of underwater areas in Kerala. He explained how trawlers had damaged reefs, and how indigenous fishers responded by creating artificial reefs.

Bona Beding, Lamalera community, Indonesia, spoke on the customary law that governs fish harvesting among his people. He also


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