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Attitudes and local ecological knowledge of expert fishermen in relation to conservation and bycatch of sea turtles in southern Bahia, Brazil March 01,2013   |  Source: 7thSpace Interactive

The use of ethnoecological tools to evaluate possible damage and loss of biodiversity related to the populations of species under some degree of threat may represent a first step towards integrating the political management of natural resources and conservation strategies.

From this perspective, this study investigates fishermen's ecological knowledge about sea turtles and attitudes towards the conservation and bycatch in Ilheus, Southern Bahia, Brazil.

Methods: Fishermen experts semi-structured interviews were performed using snowball sampling method.

The interviews consisted of a series of questions relating to the fishermen's profile, structure and work equipment, the local ecological knowledge of fishermen about sea turtles and bycatch, a projective test, attitudes towards turtle conservation and beliefs and taboos regarding turtles. Indicators for quantitative comparisons of respondents in terms of their broad knowledge and attitudes towards turtle conservation were created.

Correlation analyses were made between indicators of knowledge and attitude as well as the relationship between education level and knowledge and attitudes.

Results: Thirty experts were interviewed for the study. The local ecological knowledge and attitudes of fishermen towards the


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Theme(s): Communities and Organisations.

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