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Issue No:62
  • :0973-1121
  • :July
  • :2012
  • :English

 It is a fabulous place: when the tide is in, a wave-churned basin,
creamy with foam, whipped by the combers that roll in from the
whistling buouy on the reef. But when the tide goes out the little
world becomes quiet and lovely. The sea is very clear and the bottom
becomes fantastic with hurrying, fighting, feeding, breeding animals.

—from Cannery Row by John Steinbeck


United States : Fishing Communities

Working Waterfronts

Efforts are on in parts of the US to forge innovations to maintain working waterfronts, and safeguard fishing livelihoods and communities

This article is by Rachel Donkersloot (, Fisheries Programme Director, Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Anchorage, Alaska, US

No matter the waters one calls home, every contemporary telling of the fate and future of small-scale fisheries culminates in a tangle of ever-shifting pressures and enduring sanguinity. Such was the underlying sentiment at a recent event sponsored by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) in Kodiak, Alaska, United States (US). Our primary purpose for organizing the forum, “Innovations to Maintain Working Waterfronts in the Nation’s Fishing Communities”, was to bring together fishing-community representatives from across the US to exchange ideas and insights on the challenges encountered, strategies envisioned and successes achieved in stimulating viable community-based fishing opportunities and safeguarding the long-term health and vitality of fishing livelihoods and communities.

From resource abundance to access rights to profitability, the threats facing small-scale fisheries, and the communities depending on them,...



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