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Issue No:63
  • :0973-1121
  • :November
  • :2012
  • :English

The Sea Hold

The sea is large.
The sea hold on a leg of land in the Chesapeake hugs an early sunset
and a last morning star over the oyster beds and the late clam boats
of lonely men.
Five white houses on a half-mile strip of land … five white dice
rolled from a tube.

Not so long ago … the sea was large…
And today the sea has lost nothing … it keeps all.

I am a loon about the sea.
I make so many sea songs, I cry so many sea cries, I forget so many
sea songs and sea cries.

I am a loon about the sea.
So are five men I had a fish fry with once in a tar-paper shack
trembling in a sand storm.

The sea knows more about them than they know themselves.
They know only how the sea hugs and will not let go.

The sea is large.
The sea must know more than any of us.

­­—Carl Sandburg


Myanmar / SSF

A New Beginning

A consultation organized in Myanmar to discuss the FAO guidelines for small-scale fisheries proved significant

This article has been written by Nalini Nayak (, Member, ICSF

The consultations for the guidelines of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on small-scale fisheries (SSF) have been rather extensive. In the case of Myanmar, they have also provided a possibility for the SSF community to participate in the process. It was also a first-time opportunity for the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) to interact with the fishworkers of Myanmar.

The Myanmar consultation was organized jointly by the Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF), the National Activities Group (NAG) and ICSF in Yangon between 12 and 15 September 2012. It brought together 35 fishworkers (including five women) and their organizations from the three coastal States (administrative regions) of Myanmar. The participants also included 10 parliamentarians (including one woman) as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like Oxfam, Green Earth and the Myanmar Livestock Group and the local FAO Programme Chief who participated on all three days. On the final day there were members who represented the...



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